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About Us

About Quality Forensic Engineering, LLC

TireFailureExpert.com is presented by Quality Forensic Engineering, LLC, a firm that exemplifies precision and integrity in forensic engineering. With a mission to deliver expert engineering support, our forensic services extend through accident reconstruction to premises and product liability. We are guided by a commitment to thorough analysis and ethical practices, ensuring clients receive definitive forensic insights.

Specializing in accident reconstruction, premises liability, and product liability, our experts are leaders in their respective industries and are committed to applying meticulous engineering principles to uncover the facts behind complex cases.

Utilizing tools like FARO 3D scanning, drone imaging, and black box downloads, we ensure detailed and accurate evidence collection for comprehensive analysis.

Headquartered in Tallahassee with offices in key locations, our reach extends nationally, enabling us to support clients throughout the United States.

Our investigations are rooted in ethical practices, delivering thorough, unbiased conclusions. We uphold the highest standards of forensic analysis to inform legal and insurance outcomes.


Client Endorsements:
Voices of Trust

Brian Darr

Mechanical Engineer / Tire Expert / Fire Investigator

Spotlight on Expertise with Brian Darr

Mr. Darr has over 25 years of engineering experience which includes tire failure analysis on many types of tires (passenger, light truck, radial medium truck, retreads, motorcycles, etc), vehicle and residential fire origin and cause investigations, vehicle accident reconstruction for passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, vehicle component failure analysis, and insurance fraud/ consistency evaluations. He also conducts crash data retrieval (CDR) downloads for passenger vehicles and engine control module (ECM) downloads for commercial vehicles. Mr. Darr evaluates traffic signal timing relating to intersection collisions. He provides service in product and material failure analysis, cause analysis of plumbing failures, mechanical equipment and machinery failures, lightning strike investigations, nondestructive examinations and testing, product design and and assessment of conformance to government, corporate, industry, safety, and international standards.


Mr. Darr has conducted numerous vehicle and residential fire origin and cause investigations with various findings including fires that were intentionally set, accidental, and electrical in nature. He also has conducted fire suppression system investigations. Mr. Darr holds multiple fire certifications and designations with the International Association of Arson Investigators and the National Association of Fire Investigators.  Mr. Darr is a graduate of the Ohio State University with a Bachelor in Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Experience You Can Trust

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Automobile & Tractor-Trailer Collisions
  • Automotive Component Failure Analysis
  • Bicycle, Motorcycle & Pedestrian Accidents
  • Biomechanical Analysis & Injury Consistency
  • Black Box & ECM Downloads and Analysis
  • Boat, RV & ATV Accidents
  • Building Codes, ANSI & ASTM
  • Digital Video Analysis
  • Fire Origin and Cause Investigations
  • Guardrails, Roadside Safety & Construction Zones
  • Human Factors
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Lightning Strike & Power Surge Investigations
  • Material Fracture Analysis
  • Occupant Kinematics
  • Patent Litigation Technical Analysis
  • Plumbing Failure Analysis
  • Product & Machinery Failure Analysis
  • Retail Facility Safety
  • Slip, Trip & Falls
  • Theme Parks & Recreation Facility Safety
  • Tire Failure Analysis
  • Workplace Safety, OSHA & ADA Regulations
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