Unparalleled Tire Failure Analysis

Rely on the expertise of  Brian Darr, P.E., a seasoned tire failure specialist, to unveil the truth behind tire failures. With a rich history of aiding various industries, his analysis is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of engineering precision, credibility, and thorough understanding.

Brian Darr - Tire Failure Expert from Q Forensics
Who Is Brian Darr?

A Nationally Recognized Expert in Tire Failure Analysis

With a distinguished career spanning over a quarter of a century, Brian Darr stands at the forefront of tire failure analysis. His unparalleled expertise is grounded in a deep-seated knowledge of engineering principles and a dedicated focus on the intricacies of tire performance and safety.


As one of the nation’s leading authorities in the field, Brian’s analytical prowess has not only solved complex failure puzzles but also made him a sought-after consultant and expert witness across various legal and industrial landscapes. His work, characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a rigorous scientific approach, provides clients with the clarity and confidence they need to understand the root causes of tire failures and pursue the resolution of challenging cases.

Our Services

Comprehensive Tire Analysis Services

With our expert analysis, you’ll receive detailed insights and reliable testimony to support both legal professionals and industry clients.


Tire Failure Analysis

  • Comprehensive examination to determine the cause of tire failures.
  • Expert identification of manufacturing defects, wear patterns, and damage.


Vehicle Inspection

  • Detailed vehicle evaluations to assess the impact of tire failures.
  • Confirming the compatibility and fitment of tires to the vehicle.


Legal Expert Witness & Testimony

  • Thorough vehicle inspections to determine accident sequence and a tire’s involvement in the incident.
  • Familiar with 100’s of publicly available reference materials to review relativity to the subject case.


Accident Reconstruction

  • Analysis of tire failure roles in vehicular accidents.
  • Reconstruction of events to understand tire performance during accidents.


Tire Maintenance & Safety Consulting

  • Guidance on proper tire maintenance to prevent future failures.
  • Consulting on tire safety and performance for consumer and commercial clients.


Service Station Procedure Review

  • Evaluation of tire installation, rotation, and repair procedures.
  • Assessing the service history for adherence to safety standards and best practices.
Brian Darr on the Nancy Grace Show
Brian Darr has been featured as a professional contributor on such shows as "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace" on Fox Nation.
Expert Witness Services

Testimony Grounded in Trusted Expertise

Insights from the Forefront of Forensic Analysis

As your expert witness in tire failure cases, Brian Darr brings a rare blend of forensic engineering prowess and authoritative communication. With notable appearances, including on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace and ABC News 7 in Chicago, his testimony transcends technical analysis, providing juries and judges with clear, impactful insights. His well-articulated explanations of complex engineering phenomena have solidified his reputation as a trusted voice in legal arenas. Discover how his expertise can be the pivotal factor in your case.

Why Choose Brian Darr As Your Tire Failure Expert?

Decades of Expertise at Your Service

Brian Darr’s analytical acumen, combined with his acclaimed expertise, provide unparalleled service in tire failure analysis. Each case benefits from a legacy of success and a commitment to delivering results that resonate within and beyond the courtroom.

Brian Darr, being nationally acknowledged for his forensic engineering prowess, has analyzed 1000+ tire cases in his rich history spanning 25+ years.

With credible appearances on prominent shows like Nancy Grace, his expert insights have influenced public understanding of tire failure complexities.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and the scientific methods, each investigation is thorough, from initial inspection to final conclusion.

Articulate, authoritative, and qualified in State and Federal Courts, Brian Darr’s testimony provides the clarity and impact needed to skillfully inform the jury of the scientific data related to a case.

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